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Translating Dental Care Savings for Hispanics

Could you imagine if you had a dental emergency and the person you were trying to schedule a dental appointment with didn’t speak the same language as you? According to […]

Dental Care Creates Financial Woes for Many People

You’re not alone if you’ve considered every possible way to save money and cut back on unnecessary expenses. Many people are still experiencing the lingering effects of the economic recession. […]

Discount Dental Plans Invade UK, Hit Pages of Money Market, which launched its first overseas operations in the United Kingdom with earlier in 2011, was recently featured in the monthly personal finance publication Money Market: The Consumer Newspaper. […]

South Florida’s Best Places to Work was honored as one of the South Florida Business Journal’s 2011 “Best Places to Work.” As one of 40 companies recognized from across the South Florida region, several […]

Three Important Dental Care Procedures to Consider this Year

Yes, dental care can be expensive. However, prioritizing all kinds of expenses can help people determine where their financial resources may be best spent. This strategy can be applied to […]

What to Consider About Braces

Getting braces or retainers may require extra trips to your orthodontist and a lot of home care. These small devices can be expensive and uncomfortable. So why would you get […]

Sweet Tooth Recipe: Buttermilk Banana Pecan Pancakes

Honestly, who doesn’t love Banana Pancakes? This month, we wanted to bring you a breakfast sweet tooth option from our nice friends at I Shot the Chef who provided the […]

Hidden Causes of Chronic Bad Breath and How to Treat Them

Chronic bad breath, medically known as halitosis, can stem from a wide range of causes. Some of these include poor oral hygiene, taste bud structure and sinus behavior. One key […]

Million Mile Give-A-Way!

You can be 1 of 10 lucky people to win 100,000 miles through our Million Mile Give-A-Way. No purchase necessary to enter to win the equivalent of 4 round trip […]

Teeth Whitening Options are Available for Any Budget

Every day, consumers are bombarded with advertisements for products that can improve the appearance of teeth. Teeth whitening agents can be found in lasers, over-the-counter kits, or even in ingredients […]

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