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Brushing Your Kids Teeth – Reimagined!

  Grush: A Million Dollar Toothbrush Grush, a high-tech toothbrush for kids, has just won the $1 million grand prize on the America’s Greatest Makers television show. 24 teams competed […]

Can’t Sleep? See Your Dentist

  You toss, you turn, your eyes burn – it’s another sleepless night. And tomorrow you’ll have a headache, a bad attitude and brain fog. You’ll consume as much caffeine […]

Health Disasters: Is Your State Ready?

  Overall, America is prepared to deal with a health emergency. But some states are in far better shape than others, according to the 2016 National Health Security Preparedness Index. […]

Drug Take-Back Day

  Wrap up your spring cleaning by getting rid of all those unwanted, unneeded, or expired prescription drugs safely and responsibly. The 11th annual National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day is […]

Preventive vs. Restorative Dental Care: What’s That Smile Worth?

  What’s the best way to avoid the need for costly dental procedures? The short answer: See your dentist right now! That might seem like a contradiction – but it […]

Hate Brushing Your Teeth?

For many people, twice daily (or more) tooth brushing is an unbreakable routine, something we’d only willingly skip during particularly dire times or emergencies. But it’s not entirely uncommon for […]

How To Buy Dental Insurance

You’ve decided to buy a dental insurance plan. Or – lucky you – your employer is providing you with dental coverage. Understanding how dental insurance works will help to ensure […]

Ask A Dentist! Dispelling Root Canal Rumors

  Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to celebrate. The tenth anniversary celebration of Root Canal Awareness Week is happening March 27 – April 2, 2016. As you may have suspected, […]

Prescription Drug Costs Are Rising

  Wallet feeling a little lighter? It may be the cost of your prescription drugs. On average, the prices of prescription medications have nearly doubled over the last five years, […]

Should I Buy Instant Teeth Online?

These days it’s possible to buy just about anything on line: vacations… cars… diamond rings. Even a new smile. A quick online search turns up several different kinds of “cosmetic” […]

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