What Is Teledentistry?

It’s easy to figure out how telemedicine works – you don’t need to physically be in a doctor’s presence to get treatment for uncomplicated conditions like allergies or rashes. But […]

Do You Have Exploding Head Syndrome?

Here’s one thing that people who suffer from “Exploding Head” syndrome can be grateful for – their heads don’t actually detonate. The alarming name of the syndrome refers to the […]

The Dental Army Is Here

The Air Force’s 779th Dental Squadron is using new computer design technology to “make dental operations more efficient and to assist Airmen in maintaining dental mission readiness,” according to the […]

A New Salivary Test To Detect Oral Cancer

Some people may think oral cancer isn’t that common. They probably don’t realize that about 43,000 Americans are diagnosed with this disease every year—and someone in the United States dies […]

The Watch For The Tech Savvy Dentist: The Apple Watch

When it comes to Apple products, the question is never “do I need this?” – it’s always “just how badly do I want this?” And it seems that a lot […]

Grow Your Own Bones?

When you hear the words “bone graft” from your oral surgeon, your initial reaction will likely be less than perky. It sure sounds scary, doesn’t it? With regular dental care […]

Sorry, Spiders: Limpet Teeth Are The World’s Strongest Natural Material

If you happen to meet up with a Limpet today, don’t let the wee beastie lick you. Researchers at the University of Portsmouth have found that limpet teeth are the […]

Hooray For Beavers (And Scientists)!

We may soon have stronger teeth, thanks to beavers. Our little furry friends do not floss. They don’t even brush their teeth. And they certainly don’t have regularly scheduled checkups […]

12 Days Of Giveaways!

Grinch, be gone. This year, we’re going to smile our way through the entire holiday season. The last month of 2014 is going to be a full-on Whovillehappy fest. And […]

5 Ways to Put a Dent in Your Family Dental Care Costs

Add up your family’s monthly or yearly costs in any one area, and, chances are, you’re going to feel overwhelmed. But when you start focusing on each specific line…from entertainment […]

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