Dental Savings

Five Ways To Recover From The Holidays

Wow, that was fun! We ate, we drank, we skipped exercising but gave our credit cards a good workout, we stayed up late, we slept in. But now our clothes […]

Get To Know Your Dental Hygienist

  If you’ve been thinking a dental hygienist is a sort of assistant to your dentist, think again. Dental hygienists are licensed health care professionals with an extensive education – […]

Fighting Biofilms

  Sorry, “Fighting Biofilms” is not a futuristic wrestling match featuring robots with never-seen-before weapons. A biofilm is actually a group of microorganisms —bacteria, fungi, or a microbial mix — […]

Dental Insurance for Dental Emergencies

  You have been waiting patiently for the big moment – the day that you’re going to purchase dental insurance. You’ve been putting it off for a few years, paying […]

Ask A Dentist: Oral Cancer Awareness Month

  April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. And while discussing cancer is unlikely to be anyone’s idea of a good time, it’s an important discussion to have. According to The […]

Ask A Dentist! Dispelling Root Canal Rumors

  Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to celebrate. The tenth anniversary celebration of Root Canal Awareness Week is happening March 27 – April 2, 2016. As you may have suspected, […]

Dental Insurance For Braces

  Orthodontic treatment – what most of us simply call braces – correct teeth that don’t line up correctly, “bad bites,” or teeth that are crooked or crowded together. Sometimes […]

The Importance of Dental Coverage

Some expenses can be anticipated; others take us by surprise. For the latter, people often turn to an insurance policy to help offset at least part of the financial burden—whether […]

2026: Welcome to the Cavity-Free Future

  Children born after 2026 won’t ever experience cavities in their teeth if the “Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future” (ACCF) has its way. “Too often, we accept the occurrence of […]

Telemedicine: The Best Way To Treat The Flu

  It’s pumpkin spice season, otherwise known as the most wonderful time of the year. And The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would like you to know that […]

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