Dental Insurance

Get Your Smile Ready For The Holidays

  It’s the season to smile. And if your teeth aren’t quite as white as they could be, add a dental appointment to your holiday to-do list now. A professional […]

Who’s Afraid Of The Dentist?

  If the idea of going to the dentist sparks a panic attack, you may have an inherited case of dentophobia. “Dentophobia” is the official term for people who are […]

Diabetes and Dental Health

  Every 23 seconds, someone in the United States is diagnosed with diabetes. It’s estimated that one in 11 Americans has the disease—more than 29 million people—and another 86 million […]

DentalPlans News Roundup

  From getting your teeth whiter to living longer, the health benefits of good dental care to the weird workings of the human mind – plus the obligatory Halloween candy […]

Open Enrollment Alert! Medicare And Dental Care

  Medicare open enrollment for 2017 starts this Saturday (Oct. 15) and runs through Dec. 7. Open Enrollment is the period during which you can change your Medicare coverage. You […]

Get To Know Your Dental Hygienist

  If you’ve been thinking a dental hygienist is a sort of assistant to your dentist, think again. Dental hygienists are licensed health care professionals with an extensive education – […]

Fighting Biofilms

  Sorry, “Fighting Biofilms” is not a futuristic wrestling match featuring robots with never-seen-before weapons. A biofilm is actually a group of microorganisms —bacteria, fungi, or a microbial mix — […]

Make Your Dentist Smile – Floss!

  Dentists are not happy about the recent Associated Press study on flossing. “Frustrating is the word most dentists and hygienists I’ve spoken with use when describing the Associated Press […]

Dealing With Dental Pain

  The most common cause of disability in the United States is pain. If you didn’t know that, you’re in good company. In a recent telephone survey of 1,000 adult […]

Oh, No! You Maxed Out Your Dental Insurance?

  Your dentist just told you that you need a root canal and a crown. No worries, you figure, you’ve got dental insurance. But wait … you’re not covered? Why? […]

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