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Top 10 Reasons to Share a Smile, Save a Smile in June

Does saving big money on a set of $3,000 braces for your kid give you and your wallet something to smile about? Or, maybe what makes you smile the most […]

Finding Affordable Health Care Benefits for Single Moms and Their Children

  Under normal economic conditions, finding affordable health care benefits for single mothers and their children can be a challenge at best, but the added impact of today’s recession has […]

Discount Dental Plans Invade UK, Hit Pages of Money Market, which launched its first overseas operations in the United Kingdom with earlier in 2011, was recently featured in the monthly personal finance publication Money Market: The Consumer Newspaper. […]

South Florida’s Best Places to Work was honored as one of the South Florida Business Journal’s 2011 “Best Places to Work.” As one of 40 companies recognized from across the South Florida region, several […]

Hidden Causes of Chronic Bad Breath and How to Treat Them

Chronic bad breath, medically known as halitosis, can stem from a wide range of causes. Some of these include poor oral hygiene, taste bud structure and sinus behavior. One key […]

Dental Care in the Windy City

Would you share your toothbrush with another person? Apparently 15% of Chicago dental patients who responded to a survey said they would. The Chicago Dental Society surveyed nearly 400 Chicago […]

Like, Write, Share, Win! is giving away 50,000 miles in the Delta SkyMiles® program, which is equivalent to 2 round trip domestic Award Travel tickets* for the best caption to this photo! Entering […]

Happy Valentine’s Day from

Today is a day to celebrate, and eat sweets of course; however, Valentine’s Day is no exception when it comes to taking great care of your teeth. Indulging in the […]

Link between Oral Health and Breast Cancer

A study that was conducted in the journal of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, a survey of 3, 273 subjects, found that women with chronic periodontal disease had a higher […]

Congressman Files Dental Damage Act of 2011

Earlier this week, it was reported that Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) filed suit against several House of Representatives’ cafeteria food operators for $150,000 after serving him a sandwich wrap containing […]

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