Bracing Yourself for the Cost of Braces? Save Big With :DentalPlans

Let us give it to you “straight.”


There are lots of ongoing expenses when it comes to raising children…and a handful of really big ones: Saving for college, throwing a wedding, buying computers, and maybe even a car.


And then there’s the one we all hope we can skip; that is, if genetics cooperate. We’re talking of course about “braces,” sure to add up to thousands of dollars in orthodontist’s bills during our children’s pre-teen through teenage years.

Luckily, there is some relief in sight. :DentalPlans, a dental savings plans company, offers many options that, unlike most insurance plans, cover orthodontia, from check-ups to braces. :DentalPlans even supplements those costs that people with dental insurance are personally responsible for.


Here’s how it works:


• One quick, toll-free call to a :DentalPlans At Your Service Representative will educate you about your savings plan options based on where you live, how large your family is, and what your needs are. Already have a specific orthodontist in mind? Tell us. He or she may very well be part of our vast network of 140,000+ participators.

• Choose the plan that works best for you. One low annual payment entitles you to unlimited visits to the orthodontist where you’ll receive discounts on as many procedures your child needs ALL YEAR LONG. There are no maximums to worry about, and, unlike insurance plans, there is no waiting, confusing paperwork, or hassles.

• Make an appointment. Simply show your membership card to your doctor’s office. • Save on your dental procedures – the discounts you’re entitled to will be reflected on your bill.

• Note that visits to other dentists or dental specialists in our network will also be discounted with your plan.


According to the American Dental Association’s survey of Dental Fees in 2011, the average fee of braces for adolescents ranged from $4,500 to $6,360.

And, of course, the benefits of braces are more than cosmetic. For many, they are necessary for avoiding current or future pain or discomfort. For everyone, they provide a lifetime of confident smiling, laughing, talking, and dining.


To learn more, please call :DentalPlans at 1-888-632-5353. Or, you can to learn more about the largest dental savings plans marketplace.


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