Better Oral Health: Snacks and Tips for a Healthy Mouth

One of the first things children learn about their dental health is that sugary snacks and drinks can contribute to cavities.

While many youngsters may not heed their dentists’ advice to avoid these treats, some are at least diligent about brushing their teeth after a sugar snack attack.

However, the rules about food and oral care may not revolve solely around abstaining from certain products. This is because eating a balanced diet has been known to actually promote a healthy smile.

According to WebMD, sources of dairy and protein, such as milk, cheese, chicken and nuts, may help strengthen tooth enamel by providing adequate amounts of calcium and phosphorus needed to re-mineralize teeth after their surface has been eroded by acidic substances.

Crunchy foods may help wipe away leftover debris on your teeth when you bite into and chew them. However, pick your hard-textured foods wisely since it is likely counterproductive to eat a crunchy candy bar. WebMD recommends apples or stiff vegetables. Although some of these contain natural sugars, they also have high amounts of water, which may help buffer teeth.

People who occasionally indulge in sugary desserts or snacks may be able to limit the negative effects that these substances have on their teeth by avoiding ones that are chewy since these may remain stuck on teeth even after individuals use their toothbrushes.

For drinks; water and unsweetened tea may be the best bet for maintaining good oral health, explains WebMD. Limiting the amount of time between eating and tooth brushing sessions is key to inhibiting the effects that leftover sugar and food debris can have on teeth.

And for those who tend to be paranoid about having remnants of their meals lodged in their teeth, you canuse a new iPhone application called Toothpict. The dental app allows users to send a picture of a mouth to their friends and highlights the exact spot where they have food stuck in their teeth. The image appears on the receiving party’s phone as if they are looking at their mouth in a mirror.

So, after your next chewy meal and chocolate cake dessert, you can check with your friends for help with any food left behind.

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