And The Winner Is…

And The Winner Is….


Virginia Brady worked hard for her beautiful smile.


By the time she hit her mid-20s, she’d finally saved enough to afford to get the braces that she’d needed for years. After her orthodontia was done, Virginia felt and looked great. She really enjoyed her new smile.


But just when it seemed like this South Carolina native had finally gotten accustomed to not having to worry about her teeth, that smile was taken from her.


When she was in her mid-30s, Virginia suffered a cerebral aneurysm. The aftereffects of the risky emergency brain surgery that saved her life caused her jaw and teeth to misalign. She was overjoyed to have survived the medical crisis, but her smile was gone.


Her doctors and dentist recommended that Virginia get Lumineers, thin veneers that can be used to reshape teeth and make them look more uniform. But Virginia just wasn’t able to afford them.


At least not until she won :DentalPlans’s “Healthy Smile, Healthy You” contest.


To enter the company’s yearly smile makeover contest people were asked to submit two photos that reflected how they felt about their current and their future smile, with descriptions of each image. More than 580 entries were received.


Visitors to :DentalPlans’ Facebook page voted for their favorite contestant. The top 10 contenders were then reviewed by a :DentalPlans panel of judges, and a grand prize winner was selected.


Virginia’s story really caught the attention of voters. Her photos and words made it obvious that she was struggling hard to accept a bad turn of fate, but hadn’t yet given up hope that she could regain her confidence.


And yes, Virginia – you’ll be getting that gorgeous smile back soon.


As the winner of this year’s contest Virginia received a $5,000 dental care makeover, along with the dental savings plan of her choice to help her maintain her healthy new smile throughout the year.


Dental savings plans – also called dental discount plans – are an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance. Unlike insurance, dental savings plans have no deductibles, limits, caps, or preexisting condition exclusions to worry about. Plan members get the care that they need when they need it, at a price that they can afford.


:DentalPlans also gave away dental savings plans to the top 9 runners-up, as well as to 5 randomly selected people who voted in the contest.


“Having a perfect smile with perfect teeth makes you want to smile at everyone you see,” says Virginia. “I am self-employed and work in the retail industry, so I greet customers every day. I would love to be able to show them the smile I used to have.”


“Smiling at someone can make their day and that is what I would like to do again.”


If you’re missing your smile, you can find it again at or call one of our :DP AtYourService Customer Care Representatives at 1-888-632-5353.



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