A Year in the Life of Savings

I purchased a DenteMax Dental Plan late last year at my dentist’s suggestion. I paid just over a hundred dollars for it, and although reluctant to purchase a plan, I thought it might be worth it in terms of dental savings since I no longer have “free” dental through my health insurance. Last week I went to the dentist and had a cavity filled and two small “extenders” put on tooth edges that had crumbled. That hour’s worth of dental service totaled nearly $500. With my Discount Dental Plan, I ended up paying $263. That was quite a savings, since the plan has already paid for itself and then some in just one visit to the dentist. Next month I go for a regular cleaning. Instead of paying $75, I’ll be paying $45. This plan was a really good idea!

Kimberly M.

Imperial, PA

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