A Year in the Life of Savings

We truly have a real dental care savings story.  When I lost my job of 15 years, my dental premium for my wife I would have escalated to a whopping $117 per month, under COBRA.  That would total over $1,400 a year in dental premiums.

After conferring with my dentist and researching many, many other dental plans, we decided to purchase a DentalPlans.com discount dental plan.  Under the discount plan, we paid a full 15 month premium for a little more than $150.  That is just about $10 per month, vs. what would have been $117 under COBRA!  With DentalPlans.com, we receive an approximate discount of 50% on all dental services if needed.  Our dentist is in the plan, and our teeth are in good shape.  Thanks to DentalPlans.com we not only kept our regular dentist and receive large discounts for dental work, we realized a 91% savings in dental coverage premiums as well.  This discount dental plan is clearly the way to go for my wife and I.  We are very thankful for DentalPlans.com.

Ron & Linda B.
DentalPlans.com Members

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