A Year in the Life of Dental Savings

DentalPlans.com has been a life saver for both my husband and me. We no longer had dental insurance after 2001 and wow! it didn’t take long to realize what a treasured benefit that had been.

In 2005 I discovered I needed a root canal, a bone graft and a crown, all for one tooth. The cost of all this was astronomical so I decided to research dental plans. I found that unless you had an employer sponsored plan, it was way too expensive for an individual to purchase most dental insurance. When I searched online I found DentalPlans.com. I joined in early 2005 and immediately saved hundreds of dollars on the procedures I needed. During the next couple years, I ended up with two more bone grafts, another root canal and seven crowns. I had moved to a new area and was able to find a wonderful dentist, an endodontist and a periodontist – all participating in the plan we had chosen, Aetna Dental Access. Last year when I had my third graft, the Aetna Dental Access plan saved me $1,367.00 just on that procedure. Our total savings in 2009 because of DentalPlans.com was $1,879.00. We have purchased the family plan the last few years and just the savings on regular check-ups pays for the plan. Now it’s 2011, I’m facing a couple more expensive procedures and expect to save over $1,000.

I have no reservations recommending DentalPlans.com to anyone. The providers that we have used with the plan are at the top of their fields, some with special awards and mentions in surveys and medical publications. The dollar amount saved speaks for itself and DentalPlans.com is a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you,

Kathleen B.

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