8 Tips to Prepare for a Dental Appointment

It doesn’’t matter if your dental appointment is for a routine checkup, dental cleaning, or a more advanced procedure—there are a few things you should do to prior to your dental visit.Here are 8 tips to help you prepare for your next dental appointment:

  1. Confirm the Appointment – Verify the appointment time 24 hours in advance.
  2. Transfer Dental Records – If you’re a new patient, contact your old dental office and have your dental records sent to your current dentist.
  3. Clean Up – Brush and floss your teeth before your dental visit. No one likes a dirty mouth.
  4. Arrive Early – Give yourself enough time to complete forms, get to know the staff and relax before your appointment.
  5. Prepare Your Information – Be prepared to provide your complete medical history, form of payment and make a list of any changes to your health, medications or dental insurance to communicate to your dentist.
  6. Discuss Dental Problems – Bring a list of oral health questions you may have for your dentist. Discussing dental problems with your dentist can help determine treatment and may keep you from having to make a dental emergency appointment in the future.
  7. Face Dental Anxiety – Don’t be afraid to tell your dentist about your fears. Work together to find a solution to help you relax during treatment.
  8. Schedule Follow-ups – Be sure to schedule your follow-up appointment during a time that is convenient for you. If you’re coming in for a dental procedure, ask your dentist how long the appointment will last and what post-operative guidelines to follow.


Got something to add to our tip list? Share how you prepare for the dentist in the comments below.


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