6 Dental Care Stories to Bite Into From the Dental HyGenie

I’ve been keeping busy saving people money at the dentist, scoping out some new dental apps and reminding people to pack some floss for all the summer barbecue parties.

In recent weeks, there have been quite a few interesting dental care headlines and money-saving stories to hit the news cycle: like a Q&A from the New York Times on why we grind our teeth, the 5 iPhone and iPad apps for everyday dentistry, and 9 ways parents can spend less on their teens, including how to save money on braces.

In case you’ve missed some of ‘em, I’ve compiled a list of the top 6 stories to bite into. Check ‘em out, smile and enjoy the headlines.

AARP The Magazine – 9 Ways to Spend Less on Your Teen

Dentistry iQ– The 5 Best Dental Apps

The Wealthy Dentist – Survey Finds Dentists Charge Less for Braces Than Orthodontists

Palm Beach Post – Many who Skipped Dental Visits in Recession Now Face Pricey Procedures

Huff Post – Why Oral Health Leads to Overall Health

NY Times – What Makes Teeth Chatter?

What dental care stories and money-saving headlines have you read in recent weeks? Let us know in the comments.

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