5 Things You Should Know About Dental Savings Plans


Don’t let the words “coupon,” “discount,” or “saving” scare you. Consumers, including you, love to hear those magical words these budget-conscious days. After all, who wants to leave extra money at the counter when you don’t have to?

Patients are shopping for their coverage, and taking into consideration their current dental care needs, pricing, brand recognition and alternatives to accessing affordable dental care.

Some of the solutions patients have found in recent years include signing up for daily deals through Groupon, waiting for donated dentistry at a local clinic, and, joining a Dental Savings Plan.

For years, there have been a lot of misconceptions about Dental Savings Plans. Are they like insurance? Will there be more paperwork for my dental office? What procedures are included?

To give you a better understanding, here are five things dental office managers should know about Dental Savings Plans.

1. You’re probably already in-network

Is your dental office in a regional or national network, such as Aetna, Cigna,Careington, etc.? Networks offer Dental Savings Plans for patients, while companies like DentalPlans.com work directly with the networks to market and administer these plans.

2. It’s the same fee schedule

Whether it’s an insurance plan or a Dental Savings Plan, it’s all based on the same fee schedule that your dental office accepts.

3. Patients pay your office directly

There’s no 3rd party involvement, paperwork hassles, or limit on the amount of procedures performed at your office with a Dental Savings Plan. Also, the patient pays you directly at the time of service for all procedures performed, at the network rates.

4. What does your dental office get?

The media has been giving a lot of attention to America’s dental crisis in recent years. A recent Consumer Reports survey revealed that cost is the biggest reason people delay their dental care. And, more people are turning up in hospital ERs for dental emergencies.

With a Dental Savings Plan, your office has a solution to retain more budget-conscious patients. If they cannot afford their treatment plan, are uninsured, under-insured, or unemployed, you’ve got an option to keep them coming back, and, keep them out of the ER.

5. What do patients get?

Any dental insurance plan can come with exclusions and limitations. With more Americans taking responsibility for their health care purchasing decisions, here are some of the benefits patients are enjoying with Dental Savings Plans:

  • No annual limits
  • No health restrictions
  • Shorter waiting periods
  • Low-cost annual Membership fee
  • Savings may be available for cosmetic procedures
  • Patients can maximize savings, even if they have insurance

So, the next time a patient asks if you know of any ways he or she might be able to afford his or her next appointment—or, you’re looking for a way to keep the dental chairs filled at your office—consider letting him or her know about Dental Savings Plans.

Has offering Dental Savings Plans helped your patients continue their dental treatments? Share with us in the comments below.


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