5 Habits to Break That Can Cause Broken Teeth

If hearing you ought to change something about behavior immediately makes you want to bite your nails or reach for a cigarette, you’re not alone. Millions partake in both, worldwide. But the truth is, and we KNOW you know it, these are among the more dangerous habits for your overall health, including, of course, your dental health.


Here are five common, yet seriously threatening practices we urge you to drop-kick in 2014 – and why.



Well, if you need more reasons than the threat of cancer, heart disease, emphysema, painful lesions, cosmetic effects, tremendous cost, and harming the environment and others in order to quit, then how about the threat of losing your teeth? Yup. Tobacco use is a major cause of tooth loss in adults. Please – for so many reasons – stop. Seek help if you need it. In just one year you will significantly reduce your health risks. Not easy, but critical.


Nail Biting

It’s not the most attractive of habits visually, but frankly, that’s the least of it. Chronic nail biters are also introducing billions of unnecessary germs into their bodies each day, making the biter more vulnerable to illnesses of all types. Furthermore, they’re certainly not doing any favors for their teeth. Regular biting can cause teeth to move out of place, breakage, and enamel to splinter. There are lots of techniques that help you change this habit for good, so please explore them if you partake.


Using Teeth as Tools

Teeth are designed for eating and talking. That’s it. Yet we all tend to use them for other things, as well. Think about it. Along with fingernails (if you’re not a biter!), they’re pretty convenient tools for opening bottles, soda cans, and undoing knots. Nevertheless, please take time to find the REAL tool you need, or you put yourself at risk for cracking, breaking, or even losing a tooth. Trust us: It’s worth the trip into the kitchen or garage to avoid a trip to the ER.


Chewing Ice

Ice is water, water is natural, and water is good for you. So how bad can it be, right? Wrong. Ice chewing is responsible for an abundance of chipped, cracked, and broken teeth each year, along with lots of pain and high dental bills.Eliminate doing this and minimize your risk of damage.


Carelessness with your Drinks

So many popular drink options are bad for your teeth…the sugar in soda, sports drinks, and juice; the staining-potential of tea, coffee, and wine (red AND white); the lack of fluoride in bottled water (yup…you’re better off drinking it from right from the tap). Any of these are fine in small doses, and some even offer other health benefits, but remember: all things in moderation. Abuse of any of them can lead to health and dental problems. Be aware and make smart decisions. You’re not just what you eat.


Awareness of your behaviors and thoughtful decision-making will go a long way towards preserving your overall and dental health. And so, of course, is being a member of our DentalPlans.com family (where you break the habit of paying too much for your dental care).


Good luck, and know we remain here for you. How are you kicking habits in the New Year? Let us know in your comments below!

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