4 Steps to Generating Insurance Leads with Facebook

Every day, I hear the same old story from all the insurance agencies I talk to: “The phone doesn’t ring like it used to;” “We barely get any walk-ins;” and “We try to buy leads, but they’re not very good.” With commissions constantly decreasing, how are you going to increase your insurance sales volume without spending a significant amount of money?

The answer is the Facebook business fan page! People now use the Internet differently than they used to. They are now turning to Social Media to find honest feedback on products and services.

Step 1: Understand the Difference between the Facebook Personal and the Facebook Business Fan Page

Facebook Personal Page – This allows you to issue “friend” requests with anyone who has a Facebook account. Facebook rules dictate that only “people” should have personal profiles and “businesses” should have fan pages. So, to be Facebook compliant, it is best to set up your business as a fan page. Personal profiles lack any type of conversion tools that will turn that traffic into an insurance lead or referral.

The Facebook Business Fan Page: In some ways, it is very similar to the personal page; however, instead of “friends,” who serve as your posting distribution, you have “fans.” Anyone can go to your fan page and click on the “Like” button at the top center of the page to become a fan. Unlike your personal page, here you have the ability to customize your business page — users can add Facebook applications, as well as applications they create themselves such as Twitter feeds, YouTube videos, Blog article RSS feeds and so on.  With fan pages, you also have access to “Facebook Insights,” which allows you to see detailed analytics of your page, making it ideal for businesses.

Step 2: Generating Consistent Traffic

All good fan pages are designed to generate results from the traffic they generate via posting engaging information.  The key with posting is to consistently ask your fans to comment or click the “Like” button below the post. Again, this will send your post out to all their friends, increasing your distribution and potential traffic to your fan page.  Note: Sometimes talking about insurance or yourself all the time is not the best idea. Try to find content that elicits engagement among your fans, such as overall health news, trends etc.

Step 3 – Creating Credibility

The first customization tool you need to utilize is the free “Reviews App” on Facebook. This will allow anyone who is a fan of your page to leave a written testimonial about your agency. When traffic comes to your page, this will likely be the first thing they view. Everyone wants to know what other people think of a service.  If you have good reviews, that traffic will then move to the next step-seeing if what you sell is something he or she needs.

Step 4 – Converting Traffic into Leads

Most insurance companies now offer agents their own enrollment links for their products. There are also many third party companies that offer quoting comparison tools that can be useful. Benefitstore.net offers an I-Frame application called “Shop for Insurance” that can put all of these tools internally on your Facebook fan page. This allows traffic to actually quote and enroll in your products right from Facebook. Or, they can use the “Share” option to send it to someone else on Facebook who needs that product.

Everything I’ve mentioned, I do personally at www.Facebook.com/Benefitstore.net. I will be honest; it’s not easy, and it takes a lot of trial-and-error sometimes.  However, if you can be creative and can consistently get interaction with your posts, you will generate traffic and leads.

About Ken French
Ken French Jr is CEO and founder of Snoozzy Inc., a custom technology and marketing company for insurance professionals. His latest project,www.BenefitStore.net, offers online insurance sales websites that are compatible with Facebook and LinkedIn. You can visit his free insurance Social Media Center atwww.Facebook.com/BenefitStore.net

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